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CoreVoice was created and is supported by Central Speech. Please contact us directly at with any questions, comments, or business inquiries you may have.

AAC voice output for any device. Only $49.99.

What is CoreVoice?

CoreVoice® is an AAC voice output application created by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist after growing frustrated with various communication apps available to her clients. Some were too complex. Others were too expensive or only worked on certain devices. CoreVoice® was developed from the ground up to be a simple and affordable way to communicate. It is one of the few AAC apps that runs natively on Apple, Android, Amazon, and Windows devices.

Features include...

Simple to Use
  • Create as many boards as your device can hold
  • Easily modify buttons with images from your camera, gallery, or device emojis.
  • Auto-fitting grid sizes
  • Mask/hide buttons
  • Protect Settings
  • Option to "jump to home" after presses
Ready to Communicate
  • We include two pre-built English and Spanish core boards for you.
  • Construct sentences using consistent navigation and iconography.
Highly Efficient
  • Small install file size
  • No internet needed
  • Use any device voice that supports Text-to-Speech
  • Can be used on older/cheaper tablets*
* Performance on older or cheaper devices will vary based on the specifications and other processes running on the device.

How to use...

Download the latest User Guide or view it in action here...

Need help?

CoreVoice® is an app from us at Central Speech. If you need additional support, you can simply email us at and we'll get right back to you.

Privacy Policy

Our policy is simple. You own your data. We do not. The only data that is stored for CoreVOICE remains on your device and is never transmitted or analyzed by Central Speech. You can rest assured that what is stored on CoreVOICE (name, preferences, custom buttons) remains on your device and is never shared with a 3rd party (or even us). The only time data could be shared is when you, the user, decides to export a board and send it to someone else. When you do, you are choosing to export the board's content and are solely responsible for the data you decide to send and transmit. Central Speech does not store the data you export.